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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there costs?
You should never pay for representation. The way an agent, manager, or other representation makes their money is by collecting a percentage of the money they make for you based on a contractual agreement. In order for you to be marketed, either by yourself or through professional representation, you must have an up-to-date professional portfolio. If you do not have a professional portfolio there could potentially be costs associated with producing one.

Is travel required?
Yes. Being in business for 17 years has increased our work base, therefore, reliable transportation (e.g. your own car) within the state is necessary.

Do I need headshots?
Yes. For any talent based job a client is going to want to know what they are buying before they spend any money. For promotional work a headshot is not required, however, promotional models/talent will be limited from working high profile promotions.

Can I use my own photography?
Yes. Via Entertainment will accept professional, copyright-released, high resolution photography that is recent and an accurate representation of said talent/model (this does not mean that anyone with a digital camera can submit photographs and expect Via to represent the said talent/model with such photographs. These must be industry standard photos, otherwise, this would reflect poorly on said talent/model and their agency, thus reducing the probability getting talent/model gigs).

Are you a talent agency?
Via Entertainment is a talent, modeling, marketing, and media company.

Are you a school or will I need to pay for classes?
No. Via Entertainment is not a school. Via does not offer classes, however, periodically there are optional workshops that are offered to help educate the individual on the ever-changing trends and processes in the entertainment industry. These workshops are only conducted on Via Entertainment property and are separate from the Via completely.

What are Stats? Do I need stats to get work?
Stats are statistical requirements/measurements/sizes needed in order to do some modeling work. For example, there are certain height and weight requirements/restrictions for professional runway modeling. For work outside of the ramp and runway, stats are not required to get work.

Am I too young , too old, too heavy, too light, too this or too that?
Via Entertainment represents talent from 2 years and up. Via embraces a wide range of diversity, color, age, and sizes. Please remember that for the commercial and film industry talent should reflect “real life” people, thus, incorporating a wide variety of diversity, color, age and sizes.

Are there contracts?
Yes. All talent, models, or individuals who do strictly promotional work are considered sub-contractors. Under these terms, there are agreements made between Via and the individual/talent/model. This requires an interview and full disclosure. ALL talent/model/sub-contractors are considered self-employed and will be responsible for all said taxes and liabilities as such. In addition, talent/model/sub-contractors will not be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits or other benefits garnered by W-2 employees.

How much work is available?
This is a loaded question and to answer it fairly, said talent will need to redefine the question as how much work is there in print/commercial/promotional/film, etc…..??
The answer is numerous! Our jobs that we provide for our talent on a daily/weekly/monthly are unique to the individual, both on a client and talent side. It must be a true fit. Refer to the mission….

Are you a salon?
No. We are a talent, modeling, marketing and media company who provides talent for hair shows and product ambassadors for the cosmetic industry (i.e. whether it be a model for L’Oreal or make up for Maybelline).

Do I have to have previous experience?
No…..Via Entertainment welcomes all talent, both experienced and non-experienced.

What if I’m already under a contract?
Colorado is a non union state so it is a right to work state and there is no such thing as an exclusive contract unless said company makes a financial commitment in said talent. Therefore, the entire concept of exclusive contracts would be difficult to satisfy in a civil court of law.

Will I be an employee?
No. You are NEVER and employee.

Do you do adult oriented film or print?

No. However, a lot of extreme and naïve conservatives have the misconception that bathing suits or swimwear constitute adult work.

Who are your clients?
(refer to client list)

Will I have guaranteed work?

Do you have talent in commercials, catalogs and films?
Yes. Absolutely all work has been independently verified. (refer to clients)

Do you have baby modeling (under 2)?

If you have additional  questions please call or send us an email - we are always happy to speak with you.


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Via has opened up a lot of doors for me and helped put my modeling and acting career on the right track. I recommend Via Entertainment for anyone considering a career in modeling and acting.

- Erich H.

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Mission Statement

Via Entertainment's mission is two-fold. First, we are dedicated to providing employment opportunities in the modeling, film, and entertainment industries for both aspiring new talent and seasoned talent. Second, we are dedicated to providing our clients in these industries with the best talent available that meets the unique requirements for each job.
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